Tns Mystery Shoppers

Giełdowa Spółka Roku Co słychać

Tns Mystery Shoppers

Posted by Brindamour Alyson on Thursday, 27 February, 2020 01:09:14

Mystery shopping really is quite easy money, plus the company usually pays for your food/item, so that's another bonus!' Whatever you do, don't miss our number one article 10 easy ways to make quick cash - featuring the very best money makers around including mystery shopping! Find a mystery shopping job

It has come to our attention that TNS and Kantar's name is being exploited to further a fraudulent "mystery shopper" or "secret shopper" scam affecting people in the UK, USA and Canada. Please find some information below regarding this and what to do if you have been affected.

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I have utilized the services of ACE Mystery Shopping in the past and would highly recommend contacting Julie Simbro if you are considering this type of service as an investigative tool within your retail program.

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TNS Mystery Shopping Company Overview: TNS Global Mystery shopping is part of WPP's consumer insight and consultancy group, Kantar. Based in the UK, the majority of their offices are in Europe and the Middle East.