Ftp Response 530 Login Authentication Failed

Finally Got: 530 Login authentication failed - SOLVED

Ftp Response 530 Login Authentication Failed

Posted by Brassel Adrienne on Tuesday, 18 February, 2020 17:53:08

When I try to connect to my ftp server through firefox or IE I got this message: 530 Login authentication failed Why I get this message? User name and password are correct. Are their any require

The suggested resolution did not work for me. I gave up on the ftp user, and switched my attention to the ubuntu user. I made sure there was a password associated with the ubuntu user.. I made sure to enable passive mode, and set local_enable=YES in the vsftpd.conf file.. I was able to authenticate just fine using the ubuntu account.

Getting password errors on Filezilla with correct password. Category: File Management. LauraC. 14 Points. Response: 530 Login authentication failed. I'm sorry to hear that you're having problem with the login to FTP.

I had the same problem, ie, got a 530 Login authentication failed message even though I was absolutely sure I was using the correct username and password (since I reset it a quad-zillion times) . Here is how I fixed it for my particular setup (a Linux host account from GoDaddy): I removed the spaces in the path name in 2 places: 1.

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530 Login Authentication Failed while using FileZilla v3.24. I have an Admin Yahoo Business email (@ yahoo.com ) and I have an email address for the domain with the same domain as the Website I'm trying to FTP to.